Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

IRCTC is an online train ticketing service is a company controlled by the Indian Railways. IRCTC is responisble for handling the food catering in the railways and providing tourism facilities to its passengers.
irctc and indian railways

IRCTC Ticket Booking

Indian Railway passengers can book train tickets for their journey either by going to the railway station or by through the IRCTC site. It is quite easy for commuters to book train tickets through IRCTC rather than going to the railway station. Passengers can avoid standing in long queue in the sations by using the IRCTC.

How one can book train tickets in IRCTC? The first step is to login to the irctc portal. Enter your login details and solve the captcha to access the ticket booking system. From here the actual ticket booking process starts. Select the source station, destination station and then the date of journey. Now you will get a list of trains which are running between the two stations. You might have already planned your journey and decided which train to choose. In some situations, it is possible that there might not be tickets in the selected train. Dont worry you can book tickets from other trains.

There is a chance that after booking ticket you might not get a confirmed berth and your ticket status will be in waiting list. To know whether your ticket is confirmed or not you have to check for the pnr status using the pnr number. You can find your booking status of the ticket at Alternatively you can also check the status at

Now select the class and book the train. The process of booking the selected train is to enter the passenger details. In a single ticket, upto 6 adults and 2 child tickets can be booked. Enter the details of each passenger in the window. The next thing is paying cash for the ticket. You have to do an online payment from the modes supported by the IRCTC.

IRCTC offers wide variety of tourism packages. Anyone can avail these tourist packages and roam across the India. Passengers can avail tourism packages through web portal. Apart from tourism, irctc caters food to the passengers in both railway stations and in running trains. Passengers are quite unhappy with the quality of the food served in the trains. To provide better services, irctc has partnered with many online food delivering services.

In conculsion, IRCTC and Indian railways are gearing up to provide quality services to the passengers. Train ticket booking, toursim and food catering are managed by the IRCTC. Whereas Railway operations are managed by the Indian Railways.

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