Indian Railways is the most widely used transport system in India. As per the stats, millions of commuters travel daily in Indian railways. Passengers must have some basic information about Indian railways. So that their journey will be easy without any trouble.
pnr status

How to Check PNR Status

OurIrctc guides you on how to check the pnr status of a booked train ticket. The full form of PNR is passenger name record. It is 10 digit number used to identify the passenger details. PNR number is a standard system used in different travel departments like Airways.

When one books a train ticket, there can be chance that his ticket is in waiting list. To know whether his berth status is confirmed or not passenger has to check for the status of the ticket. This process is called pnr status checking. Even commuters with a confirmed ticket can also look for the status to see whether there is any change or their ticket is upgraded to higher class.

The process of checking pnr status is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is visit the official Indian railway website and go to the pnr status page. Once there enter the 10 numeric digit passenger name record and click on the get status button. Thats it the status of the ticket will be shown. There are alternative methods to know the position of the ticket. One can call 139 from their mobile and then follow the instructions to get the status. If you are booked your ticket through IRCTC portal, you can check the status by logging into the IRCTC.

How to Check Flight PNR Status

The PNR number is usually printed on the top of the ticket. This number can be used to check the current booking status. The process of checking the flight pnr status is similar to that of the railways. Visit the official airways website or cleartrip and then follow the instructions. Most common instructions are entering the pnr number and checking the status.

Tips for passengers

It is always better to plan your travel one or two months before to avoid getting wait-listed tickets. In some emergency situations you might want to travel the next day. Then in that case you can book tickets under tatkal scheme. To book tickets under tatkal scheme all you have to do is visit the irctc portal at 11Am and book ticket under tatkal option.