Pune To Ahmedabad Trains

India being a huge country, there is a lot of internal travelling for various reasons. One of the main travel options while travelling internally in India is through Indian railways, the Indian railways not only connects the country brilliantly but they are also affordable and time saving.
Pune To Ahmedabad Trains

Pune To Ahmedabad Trains Ply At Weekly Intervals

If you are travelling from one city to another in India, Indian Railways is one of the most efficient options. For example the Pune to Ahmedabad trains take about 8 to 10 hours to reach, but if you’re travelling by road then the same journey would take about 12 to 14 hours and would also cost considerably a lot more. Also there are no direct flights from Pune to Ahmedabad thus the most sensible option would be to travel by train.

Passengers travelling from on this route can choose from the 27 weekly Pune To Ahmedabad Trains, the most popular ones are Pune Junction Jaipur Special, Pune Junction Veraval Express, Ahimsa Express, Pune Junction Bhuj Express, Pune Junction Jodhpur Express etc.

For those looking to Ahmedabad early in the morning should opt for the Rajkot Express which departs from Pune at 02:05 AM. Trains like Ahmedabad Junction Duronto Express, Ahmedabad Express, Secunderabad Junction Porbandar Express are also good option for this route. These trains do not specifically originate at Pune or Ahmadabad but do stop at these stations as a part of their larger journey.


The best rail option for traveling from pune to ahmedabad is Rajkot Express. Ofcourse this is not suitable option for every passenger and everyone has their own convininent time. So choose wisely from on of the train and reach your destination safely.