Spot your Train

Spot your train service of Indian Railways helps passengers in locating the current position of a running train. Most of the time the trains in India arrive late than the expected arrival time. One obviously wants to know by how much delay the train is running and want to estimate when the train will reach the destination. Spot your train helps you in knowing the train arrival time.
spot your train

How to Spot your Train

Indian Railways solved this problem by introducing the new service called as train running status through which commuters can know the train arrival time and by how much delay the train is running. Ofcourse it did not address the problem of late coming trains.

Let see in detail how to track the status of the running train. Visit the official website, enter the train name or train number, then select the railway station name and then the date on which the train arrives at the station. The train enquiry will show you by how much delay the train running, the expected arrival time and the last known location of the train.

Indian railways should work a lot to see that the trains are running on time. It should follow some standards and do regular check up of engines and compartments. Maintaining the tracks in good condition is very critical. First it should identify the root cause for late runnng trains and find remedies for solving the issues. On festival seasons Indian railways schedule some special trains which also add up for the late running trains.


Spot your train feature is one of the best service of Indian Railways. Passengers must use this service to know the live location of a running train. I would recommend this feature to everyone, so that you will know when your train is going to reach the destination.