Tatkal Ticket Booking

Tatkal ticket is a type of traing ticket reservation where the train tickets can be booked one day prior to the starting of the train. Booking a tatkal ticket online through IRCTC is a big achievement. OurIrctc guides you on how to book tatkal ticket easily.
train tatkal ticket booking

What is Tatkal Ticket

The seats in the trains are reserved for different type of quotas. Tatkal is also one such quota where in every train 200 to 300 seats are reserved and their booking is only available one day prior to the start of the train. This tatkal quota helps passengers who wants to travel immediately the next day. Some feel that this quota is introduced only to bag money by the Indian railways.Anyhow this tatkal scheme is awesome for those passengers who wish to fly the next day

How to Book Tatkal Ticket

A couple of years back booking a tatkal ticket is the most difficult task. Now its become a bit easy to book train ticket online through IRCTC. IRCTC had made tremendous improvements in booking the ticket fast. Well booking of the tatkal ticket is just like reserving a normal ticket. All you have to opt for the tatkal scheme while booking the ticket.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Tips

Here OurIrctc provides you some valuable suggestions which help you successful booking of the tatkal ticket. The first and obvious tip is to use a high speed internet. Use a broadband, 3G or 4G connectivity. If you are on 2G, dont even try for booking and I am sure you wont get a confirmed ticket at all.

There are some softwares available in online market which automates booking of the ticket. These tatkal softwares costs you some bucks. Do a good research before buying and know the prons and cons of the software. IRCTC recommends not use any softwares for booking tickets. Use tatkal softwares at your own risk.

There are some browser plugins available which speeds up your ticket booking by filling the forms like login details, passenger details, bank details automatically. While using these plugins becareful. Do not enter any sensitive data like passwords and bank details. Use these browser plugins only to fill travellers information.

Write down all your details in a notepad. So that at the time of booking ticket, you dont need to type in the forms. Just copy from the notepad and paste in the forms.


Tatkal quota is useful for passengers who plan their journey one day before and also booking takal ticket is not that bad. Infact its pretty fast these days.